Tourism with a purpose

Costa Rica with its rich bio-diversity, friendly people, beautiful beaches, parks, rain forests and volcanos has been enjoying a boom in tourism ever since the  establishment of itís first National Parks, Santa Rosa and Poas volcano in the early 1970ís. Considered a model by the rest of the world in their conception  and administration these first two parks led to the conservation mind set that has grown to now include almost 27% of all of Costa Rican land set aside in  parks, conservation areas or protected areas. Replacing the Costa Rican economy of small scale coffee production and huge plantations of bananas to a more sustainable, empowering, ecologically sound tourism based economy.

While tourism and the money earned from it have greatly benefited the average Costa Rican citizen. The park system struggles to keep up and provide an adequate  level of protection to itís conservation efforts (catching poachers and illegal  logging), educating the future generations of the natural wonder that abounds around them and itís value as well as education and services to the tourists that make it all possible.

In an effort to help the Costa Rican National Park system finance education, outreach and protection. Red Sunset of Guanacaste will devote a full 50% of each commission gained through our sales of adventure tours sold toward this goal.  With the added benefit of specialized access to individuals in the tour system that make it all work. Tribal leaders, guides, and park directors. The opportunity to meet and be educated by these individuals, who have devoted their  lives to the conservation and protection of these natural resources and find out  what we all can do to help. With the money you spend going directly towards  paying a guards salary, paying for the insurance that makes it possible for a bus of local children to participate in their future, cleanup and maintenance efforts, the list of needs is long and the ability to help nearly endless.

Your participation in tourism with a purpose is not a donation.  You will be on the same fantastic adventures that make Costa Rica the exciting place to visit it is. The difference is youíll know where the money goes and have access to people and information that most tourists will never have.

Remember when you wanted to do your part to save the rain forest, now is your chance.  Participate in tourism with a purpose.

aerial tram tour near the red sunset costa rica rental home
arenal volcano from lake arenal adventure tour
Venado Caverns Column
American Crocodile on Corobici River

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