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A  shell of a house requiring a complete renovation, five acres of rain forest, high atop a hill, near the town of Nuevo Arenal, Costa Rica. An absolutely breathtaking view overlooking nearly the entire lake Arenal valley and on clear days a perfect view of frequently erupting Volcano Arenal, all within minutes of some of the worlds premier adventure activities and natural treasures, was more than enough to convince the Hughes family to risk a move to the beautiful and nearly undiscovered gem of Lake Arenal Costa Rica.

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Patrick Hughes: Is the head cook, bottle washer and buck stop at “The Sunset”. If you need something special, out of the ordinary, corresponding to a birthday, celebration etc. talk to him and it will happen. He also promises to coordinate your chosen activities, meals and transportation to make your stay enjoyable, hassle free and unforgettable.

Daninne Egizio-Hughes: Holds a double masters in Sustainable Systems and Environmental Education. She has accompanied guests on tours to explain the natural wonders that abound in and around “The Sunset”. She also wrote the handbook for our staff that ensures a finely detailed rental home experience. She is currently working and living between Costa Rica and the U.S. focusing on Environmental Consultation.

Tallest to shortest.

Marielle H. Hughes: Is currently concentrating on her latest expansion into chicken farming (fryers), practicing for the word record underwater swimming title (indoors), continues to enjoy hamster ranching and enjoys pondering how her 3 ft boa constrictor can live in peace and harmony with a very small, very nervous, frog.

Harrison J. Hughes: Two time special Olympic champion in the 25 meter 6yrs and under. Is currently torn between being a train conductor or the train itself. His wild hoots of whoooooo, whoooooooo. Fill the halls of the Hughes home much to the delight of all. In his spare time away from charming the ladies he helps his Papa on construction sites by pointing, shaking his head in the negative and frowning disdainfully.

Madigan G. Hughes: Continues her introspective journey of the mental arts. Her powers of persuasion increase daily as attested to by the many guests that took her initial subliminal suggestion to stay at “The Sunset, you will love it.” And subsequently really loved it!! She continues to charm all those around her as they inexplicably follow her innocent wiles. Look deeply onto her eyes...all credit cards accepted. ; )


Arenal Volcano from lake arenal
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