Directions to "The Red Sunset of Guanacaste"

GPS Coordinates to the Red Sunset are: 10°34.04'N 084°55.07'W

Just prior to the stop sign there is a turn in lane to the right, this is the Super Jumbo Supermarket, they have a decent selections of items if you wish to buy some groceries en route. After you bear right at the stop sign you will travel approx. 57 kilometers to the town of Cañas. This is a brand new Costa Rican 4 lane highway, upon approaching Cañas you will have to keep your eyes out for a sign on the right to exit into Cañas.

This is the exit off the main 4 lane highway, to the right is a huge rice processing plant. It says Cañas, Tilaran, RIGHT ARROW San Jose STRAIGHT ARROW.

Then proceed to the first left turn under the overpass and turn left.

You will see the Cañas Bullring. Go to stop sign and go straight. If you want to stop to pickup some great fried or rotisserie chicken there is a place called Pollos MIMI about 500 yards in and on the left. Muy Tipico

Continue straight on through till you hit this T in the road and go left. This road takes you to the Village of Tilaran approx. 25 minutes away. It is a curvy road so be aware.

After you make the hard left in Tilaran. Continue on across a one lane bridge and proceed another 15 minutes or so until you come across the following Y in the road.

Continue on this scenic drive for another 20-30 minutes or so, take your time to absorb it all it is a breathtaking view. You will then come to the following fork in the road. Stay right.

As you proceed on this road for another 15-20 or so minutes you will pass through two small villages. Rio Piedras then Aguacate. There is a one-lane bridge leaving each town so be aware and be sure to slow down and yield. You will shortly come to this fork in the road on your left.

Proceed up this fork in the road, the signage on the side of the road says EcoLodge and Cote Lake. NASA UFO/Jacques Cousteau Study (I’ll explain later)

Continue up this stone road and the Sunset is about 1 mile up and the only place on the right hand side


Important road signs to know;

  • CEDA = Yield to oncoming traffic
  • ALTO = Stop
  • No Hay Paso = One way, do not enter.

Good things to bring;

  • Light WATER PROOF jacket or Poncho.
  • GOOD CLOSED TOE SHOES AND SHOES TO GET WET (sandals are strictly for town or traveling)
  • Bug repellant
  • Rain gear
  • Any medications you may require, although many are available here
  • Small binoculars
  • Sun screen
  • Packable umbrella
  • Any favorite snacks, Powerbars et. al., are cheaper in the States, if you use those products

Dress is strictly casual all around the country, with the exception of Religious services, you might want to bring some “going out” clothes if you are into dancing at one of the local discos on Saturday night.

Costa Rica is a very safe country, as such many tourists let down there guard and do silly things like leave cameras/passports/watches exposed in rental cars and fail to lock the doors or walk away from beach bags to go exploring. This is just not a good idea anywhere. Watch your valuables and lock your vehicle. The difference between a great vacation and a rotten experience is often as simple as common sense.

We look forward to seeing you at "The Sunset"!!!