Frequently Asked...

Here are some of the questions we often receive at "The Sunset" please feel free to use them as a tool to better plan your vacation.

Q: Are we the only group renting the home, is it just for our use?

A: Yes, we only rent to one group at a time. The house is entirely for your use.

Q: Why are you the only rental on the Lake that offers Air conditioning?

A: Put simply, we care. We care about our guests being comfortable. This area often doesn't need a/c. However if it's gets a little muggy it is very important to us that our guests are comfortable and can relax. Other home rental owners say it isn't necessary, we say it is up to you and you should have the option.

Q:What extra fees should we anticipate for staying at "The Sunset"?

A: None, the quoted rate for lodging only changes with additional people. Maid service, breakfast, and taxes are in the included rate, as well as the hot tub as requested, pool, views and concierge. Dinner service is clearly outlined as well as any other additional onsite services. We do not charge gas/electric usage, bandwith usage, wear and tear, advice, towel wear, foot-trails usage, breathing, cooking and using our pots and pans usage fees or anything like that. Many rental in this area do. We are not one of them. We are easy and straightforward.

Q: Are there a lot of Bugs?

A: There are a lot of varieties in Costa Rica. However, at "The Sunset" we regularly use green friendly pest control and because of our location up on the hill, the constant breezes keep flying insects largely at bay, we are also to high up to suffer mosquitos. So you might see a few but many less than in other parts of Costa Rica.

Q: What are important things to bring?

A:Light jacket or poncho, a couple pair of closed toe shoes because one will get wet (sandals are strictly for town or traveling), bug repellant, camera and a few memory cards, rain gear, any medications you may require, although many are available here, small binoculars, sun screen, packable umbrella, any favorite snacks, powerbars et. al. are cheaper in the States, if you use those products.

Q: What is appropriate dress in Costa Rica?

A: Dress is strictly casual all around the country, with the exception of religious services, you might want to bring some “going out” clothes if you are into dancing at one of the local discos on Saturday night. I use the old adage that you can always take off a layer of clothes. Leaving for an adventure from "The Sunset" guests often wear a swimsuit under it all, shorts or long pants, a breathable undershirt, a shirt, a rain poncho or jacket, sandals for hanging out and closed toe shoes for doing activities

Q: Is "Ticos" or "Tico" a derogatory term?

A: Nope, not at all. Costa Ricans as a people take no offense in the common term "Tico". It is the diminutive form of the word Hermanitos, which means little brother it is an affectionate way of referring to the residents as a whole. Hermanito became Hermanticos which later was shortened to just "Tico". It is in use in the common vernacular, such as "dame un momentico" (give me a moment) Tico style, which means give me anything from a few minutes to a couple of days. Ticos freely use the term Gringo and do so without malice, it is simply one term that covers anyone that is not a Tico.

Q: Is Costa Rica safe?

A: By and large yes! There are bad neighborhoods in San Jose, like any big city, but if you use common sense , don't flash money , jewels or expensive cameras, lock your rental car doors, don't consort with people who hang out in the shadows of alleys etc. Petty thievery can occur anywhere, however if you use your common sense. You will be just fine and have a great time. Walk with the people that handle your bags.

Q: Is the water safe to drink?

A: Yes very much so, out of the tap. Here at the "The Sunset" our water is very pure and good, best water I have ever had. From a deep well high on the hillside. Throughout the country you will find good, clean water in most areas, if not staying here ASK . The beach can be an exception because it is dryer and ofter water is trucked in to fill tanks. Bottled water is cheap and readily available should you prefer it.

Q: What is the monetary exchange and how does that work?

A: Currently the colon is at 565 to one dollar, this changes almost daily. A good general rule is to identify a bill of currency, like C5,000.00 colones and think “this is roughly 10 dollars US) 5/4/2017 that is $8.44 cents US.

Q: Do we need to exchange money at the bank or what?

A: Don't change money at your local bank, the Airport or Gas Stations, you will get the worst rate. Grocery stores (larger ones) generally give the best rate. American dollars are accepted at many locations throughout the Country. Change will be given in Colones (the local currency) the change is given correctly using the established exchange rate OF THAT STORE, so check the rate.. Most ATM cards work here and you may withdraw money in colones or dollars at Banco de Costa Rica. If you just want colones our local Banco Nacional will give you colones and you will be charged rate of the day. Bring at least two ATM or credit cards and make sure they use different authentication protocols, i.e. cirrus, star, inter link, plus, NYCE, cirrus. Most work well here. Larger transactions should be made at a bank and you will need your passport. Credit cards will charged a cash advance fee.

A bit of warning: We have had guests come in and say “Wow. That one item was super expensive”. Cashiers in stores will not notice if something is priced wrong or comes up wrong on the screen, they just don't. So review your receipt and if a watermelon costs $30 bucks call their attention to it and correct it there, it was probably an honest mistake or they entered the wrong code but it happens enough to mention it here.

Q: Will my cell phone work in Costa Rica?

A: Maybe, Costa Rica uses gsm 1900 mghz if your phone is an unlocked tri-band gsm set on automatic network selection. You may need to do nothing to let it roam. To make sure check with your cell phone provider, roaming charges may shock you. Rental cell phones are available near either of the main airports or follow this link to reserve a cell phone prior to your arrival.

Q: Do you offer an internet connection at the house, do we need special plugs for our laptops?

A: Yes we have a wimax signal that allows streaming. Sending signal throughout the house and grounds, you will not need a special adapter for your laptop or for any of your electronics. Costa Rica uses 110 volt, 60 htz electricity throughout the country.

Q: Do we need immunizations prior to traveling to Costa Rica?

A: The short answer is, probably not. Our area of Costa Rica, the Guanacaste highlands is not currently subject to favor any specific tropical diseases. The CDC has a full list of recommended vaccinations here . Ask your family doctor, use your own best judgment. The majority of our guests and our own family has chosen not to receive these immunizations, to no ill effect but by all means use your own judgement, the choice is up to you.

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